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One of the key reasons many people choose to live on the KZN South Coast is the sunny, temperate climate. The warm, humid summers and mild winters mean that there is rarely an instance where staying indoors covered by your winter woollies is necessary.

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Warm Summers, Mild Winters

The summer months are deliciously hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 33°C. February is generally considered the hottest month of the year with temperatures staying around 28°C. The mild winters are noted for their still, clear, dry and sunny days. Temperatures can vary between 16°C and 23°C. The coldest month of the year is July, which is also the driest.

With an average of about 320 days of sunshine per year, it is no wonder why the South Coast is a sought after destination for residents and holiday makers alike. The warm Indian Ocean remains inviting throughout the year, the temperature rarely falling below 17°C.

Lush Vegetation

The subtropical climate is responsible for the lush greenery that is so evident along the coastline. Soft rain is common throughout the year with the most notable rainfall occurring in the summer months. Annual rainfall is usually about 1009 mm. Hot summer days are usually followed by pleasant evening showers. Many plants love this environment, making that elusive green thumb a bit more attainable.

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