The Society

Hibiscus Retirement Villages was established in 1962 in the beautiful coastal town of Margate. A registered non profit organisation, Hibiscus Retirement Villages became the first retirement society in the country to use the “Life Rights” basis.

With 3 established retirement villages, situated on some of South Africa’s most beautiful coastline, HRV promises residents an unbeatable mature lifestyle with a strong emphasis on community, healthy living and security.

Hibiscus Retirement Villages provide full caring facilities in a secure environment for retired persons.

Residents enjoy full use of the village facilities and live in an environment tailored around their well-being. Amenities and services are designed to encourage participation in a wide range of activities.

At Hibiscus Retirement Villages residents can share their interests and develop new ones whilst maintaining their independence in a supportive and secure environment. We offer the perfect combination of community involvement, privacy and independence. Our vast range of activities include bowls, swimming, table tennis, yoga, gym, badminton, keep-fit classes, line dancing, snooker, darts, bridge, chess and various arts and crafts clubs. A variety of entertainment and shows are held in our village halls.



To develop, maintain and manage quality Retirement Villages that are the destination of choice for retirees

In pursuance of this vision, we will adhere to the following values:

  • Value for money
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Consider all relevant views in decision-making
  • Equal treatment of all
  • Provide a secure, quality, caring environment at a fair price
  • Intolerance to corruption of all kinds


We are in the business of providing full caring facilities in a secure environment for retired persons.

In doing this, we will:

  • Ensure the needs and welfare of residents are given priority consideration
  • Safeguard residents and their property to the best of our ability
  • Develop and maintain good working relations with all our stakeholders
  • Provide good quality service and support at reasonable cost
  • Maintain sound financial integrity that ensures that the Society remains financially buoyant at all times
  • Continuously look for ways to improve services and facilities offered to members and residents
  • Provide excellent service and strive to meet all residents’ reasonable needs
  • Identify staff training needs, including skills needed to assist and deal with those problems associated with residents, and to provide for them
  • Attract and retain appropriately skilled personnel;
  • Ensure that all are aware of security issues and apply agreed security measures effectively;
  • Operate quality value for money operation

The Society

The Head Office of Hibiscus Retirement Villages is in the Margate Retirement Village. The Society offers to its residents far more than a sectional title or share block scheme, we are a Society of members, the members being resident members and waiting list members. There are no shareholders or directors and the profits are ploughed back in total into the Villages and Frail Care. The Society is a non profit registered organisation and is subject to the Housing Schemes For Retired Persons Act. Management of the Society is vested in the Executive Committee who delegate the daily functions to the Chief Executive.

The Executive Committee


Mike Howes

Chairman / Ordinary Member

Bruce Hulley

Vice Chairman / Ordinary Member

Andrew Crooks

Chief Executive
stef-nel (1)

Stef Nel

Ordinary Member

Fred Askham

Resident Member

Dave Boyd

Ordinary Member

Doug Sparks

Ordinary Member

Heather Butler

Resident Member

Claude Leroy

Resident Member

Ivan O'Sullivan

Resident Member
Clive-Bignell (1)

Clive Bignell

Resident Member

Marilyn Watson


Kim Cole

Financial Manager

Peace of mind

We set out to assist retired people by offering security which goes far beyond access control or a patrol guard. Peace of mind for the family is a consideration as is peace of mind when emergency medical attention is required. We provide around the clock emergency services to the residents and a panic button to each cottage or flat. As well as providing Frail Care services we also offer a clinic service for those residents too sick to look after themselves and are generally on their own. This clinic service also caters for residents who are recuperating from hospitalisation. Our Frail Care and clinic service is supervised by a matron and professional nurses assisted by the Society’s Doctor.


The Code

  • 1 Conduct business with integrity, honesty, fairness and transparency.
  • 2 Respect individual dignity, privacy and confidentiality. Practice financial prudence.
  • 3 Promote and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders.
  • 4 Maintain an awareness of the appropriate social responsibility to residents and employees.
  • 5 Maintain a fair and appropriate employment practice.
  • 6 Maintain an appropriate balance of independence, skills, credibility and experience on the Executive Committee.
  • 7 Maintain an awareness of environmental issues.

Our Villages


Margate Village


Ramsgate Village


Umdoni Village


Widenham Village

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