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Once you have chosen your home, it is yours for life.

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Occupy your home for life

“Life Right” is simply the “right of occupation” of a portion of a housing development scheme (or village) for the duration of the lifetime of the occupier at no rent. Payment for the Life Right is by way of a lump sum. A levy is payable for the running expenses of the village.

The cottage or flat is occupied by an Occupier. The Occupier or Occupiers are written into the Life Right Agreement prior to occupation. The Life Right contract is written around the Occupiers, not the person or body who paid for the Life Right. The Life Right Agreement is cancelled by mutual agreement with the Society when the Occupier or the last of joint Occupiers dies or voluntarily signs a relinquishment form giving up their right of occupation. They might do this to move away from the village or to move into frail care.

No Transfers or Commissions

As the cottages or flats are owned by the Society and the purchase made is of a Life Right to occupy a cottage or flat, there are no transfer fees. There are similarly no lawyers fees or conveyancing fees. The sales of Life Rights are concluded by our staff within the villages and no commissions are payable.

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