Levies & Costs

All the day to day running of the village is taken care of by the society and is facilitated by the monthly levy

The Sponsorship amount

The Sponsorship Amount is the amount paid for, or the purchase price of, the Life Right to occupy a cottage or flat in one of the villages controlled by the Society. The Sponsorship amount is loosely based on the price for a similar unit in the local community.

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The monthly levy covers the running costs of the villages. This includes but is not limited to rates, water and sanitation, security, insurance, garden services, bus services, common area, housekeeping, bank charges, audit fee, and staff salaries and communal electricity consumption. Electricity and telephone charges are levied separately and are based on the resident’s actual usage. Levies do increase each year and are based on the actual cost of running the villages. Capital expenditure items such as vehicles, lawn mowers, re-tarring of roads and re-modelling of cottages is not a levy cost but a capital account cost. Similarly all the depreciation is paid in the head office account and not by the residents in the village levies.

Care & Maintenance

The care and maintenance of the buildings and grounds at each of the Hibiscus Retirement Villages provide residents and staff with a great sense of pride.

A lot of dedication and effort goes in to making sure that each village upholds and maintains a high standard of quality, tidiness and aesthetic appeal. Residents can rest assured that the care and maintenance will happen without any effort on their part.

HRV offers residents a superb lock up and go lifestyle. No more worrying about insurance, maintenance, security and gardens. We’ll take care of it all.

With the Society ever mindful of ecology and conservation, a greywater recovery system will be installed at the Widenham Retirement Village.


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