The Frail Care facilities within HRV have been a resounding success for over 40 years. Frail Care is guaranteed for every single resident and includes all meals, nursing and care giving. With HRV Frail Care you can rest assured that you will never be a burden to the ones you love and, your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that you are always lovingly taken  care  of.

High standards have been set and maintained over the past 40 years within Frail Care, one of our flagship facilities.

Frail Care Units

We have a 20 bed Care Centre at our Umdoni Retirement Village all of the rooms being single rooms. Our Margate Retirement Village has a 15 bed Care Centre for our Residents suffering from Dementia, 11 of the rooms being single rooms and 2 rooms are double rooms. Our Frail Care Centre is a 26 bed centre which has 18 single rooms and 4 double rooms. 

We also have 5 Clinic rooms which caters for short term stays, and this is for our Residents as well as being available for Residents in the surrounding areas of our Villages. It is used for Residents who are recovering postoperatively or post hospitalization.

All the rooms have a comfortable bed with two chairs, a table and a private bathroom. Medical staff are on call 24 hours a day.

High Standard Healthcare

Frail care costs are not medical aid factored, medication that is required by each resident would need to be supplied by the individual’s medical aid or from the government hospital dispensary. For these residents we offer a service of collection from the Port Shepstone Provincial Hospital.

We do have a resident doctor who visits our Frail Care facility regularly. There is also a clinic in Hibiscus Frail Care which offers various medical services. Each floor in Frail Care has a Sister on duty, as well as nurse aids assigned for personal assistance.

Monthly activity programmes are offered to residents in Frail Care by the Circle of Friends, a group of volunteers who spend time making sure that those in Frail Care keep busy and entertained.


The Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is a group of dedicated volunteers who organise activities and entertainment for the residents of the Frail Care.

Little did I know, that bringing a homemade cake for the residents in Hibiscus Frail Care (one of whom was my father) to enjoy with their morning tea one sunny day in August 2008, would result in 9 different activity groups with 65 volunteers (including the Secretary and Activity Leaders), eight years on. Twenty one (one third) of the volunteers, live outside the Village.

The first request for volunteers resulted in 12 people coming forward willing to become involved, and it grew from there. Over the years a few of the original volunteers have bowed out due to circumstances, but always we have been blessed in that, when someone has left, another person has come along to offer assistance.

Each little effort however small, made by many, has made a difference to the residents in Hibiscus Frail Care and I wish to thank each volunteer, past and present, who has helped shape The Circle of Friendship to what it has become today.

Linda Scott

The Circle of Friends Activities

Exercise Classes

Residents gather for their weekly exercise routine to loosen up. This activity was already in place before the advent of The Circle of Friendship and continues to this day.

Tea Parties

Eight years on this activity is a highlight for the residents who look forward to enjoying home-made treats with their afternoon cuppa in the company of their friends who gather in the main lounge for a time of fellowship and chit-chat


Performers visit the frail care centre frequently to entertain the patients. We have had some really wonderful acts from tap dancers to choirs and concerts.

Crossword Corner

A gathering of like-minded residents meet to exercise their brain-power!  This is a wonderful past-time for those who are sight-impaired but who otherwise are able to contribute in some way. This takes place three times a week

Sing-along Music Hour

Ever-popular, this activity is thoroughly enjoyed by the residents who are able to sing full volume to delightful keyboard accompaniment. All the favourites from yester-year bring back many fond memories

Keyboard Capers & Classics

Willing pianists provide music for easy listening pleasure twice a week. This is an informal time and residents are free to come and listen should they so wish.  In particular, the Wednesday Capers have become a popular event, whether it be classical music or popular tunes.

Birthday Visits

Since many residents have children living overseas and some residents are without children, birthday visits become important reminders that they are not forgotten.  Volunteer birthday visitors are allocated on a roster basis to visit two or three residents a year, bearing a birthday card and a whole lot of love!

Welcome Visits

Every newcomer to Frail Care is welcomed with a specimen arrangement of roses for ladies and something edible for the gentlemen, delivered by one of the volunteers, who also spend a little time chatting to the person concerned.

Sunflower Hour

Being the most recent initiative, this one-hour-a-day activity at which simple occupational tasks are provided for residents living with Dementia, has proved to be most beneficial – not only for the residents who enjoy the personal interaction, but also for the volunteers who derive much pleasure when a resident is able to accomplish a task.  The joy expressed in the faces of residents tell their own story.  Background music is played and adds to a bright, happy and friendly atmosphere.

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Reflections commenced in October 2013 for residents who found it difficult to get to the Village Chapel.  An agreement was reached with members of the Fraternal Committee that the preacher who was scheduled to preach in the Village Chapel on a particular Sunday, would come over to Frail Care to lead a half-hour – mini-service for interested residents.  More recently, the service is enhanced by piano accompaniment for hymn-singing.

Other Initiatives

Tog Bags were purchased to pack clothing and personal items for overnight emergency hospital admissions.  Hospital packs comprising essential toiletries are also included, making it easier for the nursing staff to manage these sometimes sudden eventualities.

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