The Frail Care facilities within HRV have been a resounding success for over 40 years. Frail Care at the prevailing tariff is guaranteed for every single resident and includes all meals, nursing and caregiving. With HRV Frail Care you can rest assured that you will never be a burden to the ones you love and, your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that you are always lovingly taken care of.

High standards have been set and maintained over the past 40 years within Frail Care, one of our flagship facilities.

Frail Care

We have a 20 bed Care Centre at our Umdoni Retirement Village all of the rooms being single rooms. Our Margate Retirement Village has a newly revamped Frail Care facility with 26 beds in 18 single rooms and 4 double rooms.  The Margate Village also has a newly revamped centre for Dementia Care, with 11 single rooms and 2 double rooms.

We also have 5 Clinic rooms which caters for short term stays, and this is for our Residents as well as being available for Residents in the surrounding areas of our Villages. It is used for Residents who are recovering postoperatively or post hospitalization.

Full care, including all meals, laundry and 24-hour care is provided in our care facilities, with medical staff on call 24 hours a day. The Widenham Village Frail Care will be built in due course.

High Standard Healthcare

Frail care costs are not medical aid factored, medication that is required by each resident would need to be supplied by the individual’s medical aid or from the government hospital dispensary. Collection of medication from local provincial hospitals can be arranged for those unable to do so themselves.

Our villages have on-call medical staff and doctors, and a part time resident doctor in the Margate Village. We have clinics offering various medical services in the Margate, Umdoni and Widenham Villages, with the Margate Village clinic catering for our Ramsgate residents.

Monthly activity programs are offered by staff and a number of volunteers to residents in Frail Care by the Circle of Friends, a group of volunteers who spend time making sure that those in Frail Care keep busy and entertained.


The Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends of the Margate Village Frail Care is a group of dedicated volunteers who organise activities and entertainment for the residents of the Frail Care.

Little did I know, that bringing a homemade cake for the residents in Hibiscus Frail Care (one of whom was my father) to enjoy with their morning tea one sunny day in August 2008, would result in 9 different activity groups with 65 volunteers (including the Secretary and Activity Leaders), eight years on. Twenty one (one third) of the volunteers, live outside the Village.

The first request for volunteers resulted in 12 people coming forward willing to become involved, and it grew from there. Over the years a few of the original volunteers have bowed out due to circumstances, but always we have been blessed in that, when someone has left, another person has come along to offer assistance.

Each little effort however small, made by many, has made a difference to the residents in Hibiscus Frail Care and I wish to thank each volunteer, past and present, who has helped shape The Circle of Friendship to what it has become today.

Linda Scott

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