Monday 27 April 2015

Umdoni Retirement Village

Umdoni Retirement Village Umdoni Retirement Village Umdoni Retirement Village Umdoni Retirement Village

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Umdoni Village

Umdoni - Bowls

The Umdoni Retirement Village was started on land donated by Prof and Mrs Coles. Subsequently the Society has bought up surrounding land to be able to grow the Umdoni Retirement Village to 350 cottages.

The Society philosophy of providing all caring facilities in a Village was seriously compromised by not having a frail care facility in this village. By increasing the cottages to 350 units we are able to justify building a new 20 bed frail care facility. This facility will also have a dining room and laundry that can be used by the residents.


Umdoni Retirement Village, although not an Eco estate, has nearly 6 hectares of its 33 hectares retained as natural forest or wetland areas. Many indigenous trees have been left between cottages and much is being done to plant grasslands around the attenuation dam in the new section of the village. 124 different species of birds have been identified and various types of buck have been seen in the village.

Umdoni Retirement Village is 71 kms from Durban. Scottburgh is a mere 14 kms away and the supermarkets and other shops are available.


Umdoni Retirement Village has a very successful two green bowling club known as the Alexandra Memorial Bowling Club. A number of district champions have come from our club. A two court tennis club, swimming pool and a hall are fixed amenities in the village as well as a 50 seat chapel.



The Residents Coordinating Committee, elected by the residents coordinates all the resident’s activities in the village. This committee assists with the funding of activities and in raising funds for these activities. The various activities include;
  • Church Services
  • Library - Monday to Friday 07:00 - 17:00. Saturday & Sunday 09:00 - 17:00 
  • Post Office
  • Doctor - Consultations done once a week and house calls can be arranged.
  • Outpatients - Run by a Registered Professional Nurse
  • Shop - Includes a tuck shop and a little shop selling odds and ends
  • Bus Service - Weekly bus service into Scottburgh
  • Bridge - played in the hall on a weekly basis
  • Yoga
  • Gym
  • Table Tennis
  • Art Club
  • Wood carving
  • Bingo
  • Walking Group
  • Golf - Played regularly at the local clubs
  • Fishing


Bucking the System

There have been rumours about new residents jumping the queue when moving into Umdoni Village. I now have irrefutable proof of this happening and he wasn't even on the waiting list. Meet Selby who simply walked through the front gate and has taken up residence in the village. He found the two young ladies who reside in Umdoni just too attractive to resist.