Wednesday 28 September 2016

Established in 1962 in Margate on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, Hibiscus Retirement Villages has become the destination of choice for retirees.

Village LibraryMargate Retirement Village was the first retirement village in the country to use the “Life Rights” basis to give to residents the rights of occupation to the cottages and flats owned by the Society. What is a “Life Right?” Just what it says, the right to live in an independent living unit for the rest of your life. The “Life Right” costs nearly the same as a comparable sized unit in the surrounding neighbourhood. The “Life Right” is deemed to be the rental for the unit paid up front. The difference between a rental and a “Life Right” offered by Hibiscus Retirement Villages is that on the relinquishment of the “Life Right” for whatever reason a refund will be paid to the “Life Right” holder or the Estate. The value of the refund shall be the original cost price of the “Life Right” subject only to the Society receiving that amount from the second “Life Right” holder. “Life Rights” in Hibiscus Retirement Villages are not subject to sales commission, registration fees, transfer fees or vat. 

The Society is made up of Three Retirement Villages and a frail care centre. The Margate Retirement Village with 444 cottages and flats. Umdoni Retirement Village in Pennington is 71 klms from the Margate Retirement Village and 71 klms from Durban situated South of Scottburgh. This Village will have 350 cottages at the end of the current construction phase. Ramsgate Retirement Village situated in the town of Ramsgate, a mere 2 klms from Margate Retirement Village. This Village has 61 cottages. Hibiscus Frail Care is situated in Margate Retirement Village. This facility has 80 beds. A new frail care facility is to built in the Umdoni Retirement Village, this facility will have 20 beds.

The Head Office of Hibiscus Retirement Villages is in the Margate Retirement Village.  The Society offers to its residents far more than a sectional title or share block scheme. Hibiscus Retirement Villages is a Society of members, the members being resident members and waiting list members. There are no shareholders or directors and the profits are ploughed back in total into the Villages and Frail Care. The Society is a non profit registered organisation and is subject to the Housing Schemes For Retired Persons Act. Management of the Society is vested in the Executive Committee who delegate the daily functions to the Chief Executive. 

We set out to assist retired people by offering security which goes far beyond access control or a patrol guard. Peace of mind for the family is a consideration as is peace of mind when emergency medical attention is required. We provide around the clock emergency services to the residents and a panic button to each cottage or flat. As well as providing Frail Care services we also offer a clinic service for those residents too sick to look after themselves and are generally on their own. This clinic service also caters for residents who are recuperating from hospitalisation. Our Frail Care and clinic service is supervised by a matron and professional nurses assisted by the Society's Doctor.

Maintenance to cottages and flats is provided for in the levies and includes internal as well as external maintenance, from replacing tap washers to replacing windows or replacing a geyser. A garden service looks after the grounds but residents are encouraged to maintain their own gardens for as long as they are able. Residents maintain an independent lifestyle knowing that assistance is available at all times if needed.

Phone Sales in the Margate Retirement Village or Umdoni Retirement Villages for more information or email


Code Of Conduct

   1.  Conduct business with integrity, honesty, fairness and transparency.

    2.  Respect individual dignity, privacy and confidentiality.

    3.  Practice financial prudence.

    4.  Promote and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders.

    5.  Maintain an awareness of the appropriate social responsibility to residents and employees.

    6.  Maintain a fair and appropriate employment practice.

    7.  Maintain an appropriate balance of independence, skills, credibility and experience on the Executive Committee.

    8.  Maintain an awareness of environmental issues.