I am privileged to be sitting in my daughter’s study in Westerham in England. Visiting my daughter Lyall and Olliver and the 3 grandsons. We shortly leave for France and then to Canada to see Mari’s daughter Karin and Kenny and 9 more grandchildren.

The Executive Committee approved a project that arose from the Strategic Planning programme to improve the tape aids for the blind library in Hibiscus Heights. We are purchasing memory sticks and machines that will play the books off the memory sticks. Sharon has been working with our Chairman Mike Howes and the Society has pledged about R20 000 for the equipment.

Once again our AGM went off well and we acknowledge the Executive Committee who were installed into office to steer our ship for the next year. We have been able to upgrade the Village Bowling Club, the Ramsgate Village Community Centre and gate house and we are upgrading and extending the Society Administration building. We have increased the size of the Library and the Glade Shop in Umdoni Village. At the same time we have invested in 6 boreholes and in three storage tanks one at each village.  The total costs of these contracts has been in excess of R8 million. The good news for residents is twofold. Firstly, the extensions generally are a benefit to residents and the Society and secondly, the cost is borne by the capital account and does not affect the levies at all.

The above, however, is not the news that the waiting list members are wanting to hear. The Executive Committee have approved the purchase of land in Umdoni at Pennington for a fourth retirement village. There are numerous conditions that have to be met before we can finalise the proposals. Our project manager is working with our team of professionals to finalise the proposals within the next three weeks to be able to present these proposals to the Executive Committee for final approval. Hopefully we will have definite news for all waiting list members shortly.

All waiting list members qualify for the new village. When we have finalised the proposals we will write to all members giving them the right to take up an option on the new site. The members who respond first to the letter they receive will go first on the preference list for the new village and will be contacted in the order they responded. There will be about 340 free standing two and three bedroom units and about 20 one bedroom apartments as well as a frail care, kitchen, laundry, hall, administration and maintenance block.

As soon as it is finalised you will be informed.

John Webster

Chief Executive

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