Our Annual General Meetings are upon us again and we have just completed the Annual Audit and we are pleased to confirm that our auditor, Chantel Elliott gave us a clean audit and stated that the financial statements present fairly the financial position of the Society and that it is a going concern. Our operating turnover of R42,4 million and our capital turnover of R35,1 million indicates a sizeable operation over which the Executive Committee must show fiduciary responsibility.

At the same time the Executive Committee must keep our villages up to date and in touch with what new residents into the villages want and need. They must ensure that we are relevant for the next generation of retirees. Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW are not afraid that any other car maker will destroy their profits, but they are afraid of Microsoft and Apple and the types of motor vehicles they are developing. It is said that there will be many jobs developed in the next ten years that we today cannot imagine. Being ahead of the next generation of retirees may be difficult. We are going ahead with a photovoltaic system to harvest energy from the sun for the Administration Building in Margate and we will continue to install solar systems for hot water.

A New Village is in sight and we are busy determining the extent of the wetland and forest reserves to determine how many units we can build on the site. Sarah Allan as our Environmental Advisor and having worked for the Department of Environmental Affairs previously has the knowledge to assist us in this area of the development.

More news will be forthcoming at the Annual General Meeting.

See you at the AGM 22 July 2016

John Webster, Chief Executive

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